Middle School Math Mastery

Beginning January 2022

Middle School Math Mastery:
Secrets that can take your child from 
struggling to successful in just one semester! 

Foundational Skills

In order to be successful in mathematics, you have to have a strong foundation. These foundational skills include mastering the order of operations (and the secrets of when you don't have to), the relationship between mathematical expressions and word problems (and how to make word problems easier), the relationship between numbers (especally fractions, decimals, and percents), and so much more! Which skills are covered will be determined by your student's indiviual needs, helping them fill their unique gaps.


Being a master mathematician also requires fluency. Since mathematical skills and concepts built on themselves, fluency allows for quicker mastery of higher concepts.  Fluency can include addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, conversion between fractions and decimals, and identifying and extending patterns. Each session will include a focus on fluency, first looking at tips and tricks, then progressing to memorization. 

Reasoning and Problem-Solving

It's one thing to be able to solve a list of math problems; it's another thing entirely to know if your answers are reasonable, if your steps are reproducable, and if your solution actually solves the problem. Every step of the way, your student will be challenged to think outside the box, to make connections, and to question their solutions. Through this questioning, they'll become better equiped to solve new problems in their own world. 

Individualized Instruction

The specific day-to-day content of the Math Mastery class is chosen to meet the needs of the specific students. New classes are starting January 2022!

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